"Determination, Dedication and Endurance"

      On September 10th 1984, I was arrested for 8 counts of 1st degree murder and 1 count of 1st degree arson. On April 23rd 1988, I was acquitted of all counts. It was a nightmare, nearly a year in jail. A million dollars bail.

      1st indictment thrown out. 1st trial a hung jury, mistrial.

      A very big reason I was able to endure such a nightmare, was knowing and watching Phil’s determination, dedication and endurance.

      He is truly a brilliant man. The last 30 years, not a day has passed, I don’t thank God for putting him in my life. I can only imagine the hell I would have had to survive in, had he not been able to defend me. Like a rabid dog with a bone. I owe him my life.

      Former Client Criminal Defense
      "Incredible Fighters for People’s Rights"

      Phillip Paul Weidner, Phillip Paul Weidner and Associates, A Professional Corporation, and all the attorneys and staff I worked with are incredible fighters for people’s rights. They fought for nine years for mine when I lost my arm in a trucking accident and they finally won my case in the Alaska Supreme Court in the face of law from 48 states that was against me and then obtained a settlement. They took my case, a case that most lawyers would not take given the law, and throughout, they understood my needs and spared no effort in helping me. While there were times that I had given up, they did not. They are not only persistent, they are very sensitive, understanding, and caring and A Plus Plus Plus lawyer with full knowledge of the law and will find the truth and master the facts and will not quit and are not afraid to fight. The end result was a confidential settlement and I cannot fully express my admiration and respect for them and my gratitude for what they did for me. Now, me and my girls, will live a very comfortable life thanks to them!

      Former Client Personal Injury
      "Monumental and Brilliant"

      I am immensely grateful to Phillip Paul Weidner & Associates for their professionalism, time, energy, efforts, and patience on my behalf over all the years of representing me. They have my admiration, respect, and gratitude for achieving what amounts to, in my opinion, the highest of achievements for a defense law firm: obtaining the release of their client from a life sentence. Wow! Not only have they helped give me a new life and freedom, they have also given immense happiness to my extended family and friends. Their work will also give hope to others who can now refer to it in their efforts to obtain their own freedom. Their work may also play a part in bringing about needed reform in the criminal justice system. In my opinion, their work done professionally, as well as with personalism, is monumental and brilliant.

      Former Client Criminal Defense